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Get Value back from your technology


Your excess IT equipment still has value. With help from Johonnot, you can recover that value and reinvest it back into your IT budget or redeploy internally giving your company a competitive advantage. Find out how much you can recover from your extra IT equipment with our complimentary IT asset valuation.


More about our IT asset recovery services:

Let us create a disposition strategy for your IT equipment. We offer logistics, refurbishment, reuse and resale services that help your company recover the most value from your excess corporate technology. Our complete solution provides you with hassle-free services guaranteed to maximize the value of your IT budget

Benefits of Johonnot’s Asset Value recovery Services 

Our managed IT asset recovery provides you with a complete set of services that address your company’s logistical concerns. We offer a complimentary valuation for your excess IT equipment, and provide you with a formal offer to purchase your IT equipment at the highest value possible. We offer de-installation and transportation services, and will remove all unneeded technology – networking equipment, telecom equipment, and more – including your low or no-valued items. Our IT disposition solution is complete, ethical, and fair.

Refurbishment and Reuse 

   Refurbishment offers many alternatives depending on the equipment and its current status. It can be as simple as reworking to eliminate aesthetic defects, replace or repair key components, or other required services. Every refurbished part goes through strict testing based on your requirements and specifications. Lengthening the life span and adding value to the asset.

Your IT and electronic equipment can make up a large part of your capital expenditures. In order to help defray or recoup some of the cost, many companies work with us to find ways to extend the life of their assets through reuse. Reuse and redeployment also potentially helps the environment and eases regulatory burden. We have the ability to recover assets, refurbish and redeploy to any location your company operates or to employee’s remote workplace. All with the exacting standards and reporting you’d expect from a first-class ITAD service provider.

Asset Resale

When its time bring EoL assets to market to regain their value. We use multiple global channels of resale to capture the best possible value for your equipment..

We have access to multiple global resale channels.That means we are not limited and that you can get the best available return on the sale of your assets through retail channels, authorized wholesalers, bulk buyers, and at auction when practical. To get biggest the return possible.

Dedicated Market Specialist 

Another important reason to partner with us is that we have professionals that watch the different markets we deal in on a daily basis. Think of a stockbroker who watches the market and lets his clients know when the time is right to sell an asset. We do the same on your behalf if a certain commodity is at or near a high value. It’s one more reason that we’re the preferred partner of businesses.


We’ll take care of you

We understand your company’s responsibilities. When you get rid of your old IT equipment, you want your data to remain safe and secure, your technology to be managed in an environmentally friendly way, and for your company to be protected. We take care of our clients, and we can take care of you. We securely and completely erase all data from your equipment.  Most importantly, we eliminate the threat of corporate liability by providing you with customized reports and certificates to document that your technology has been handled appropriately.

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