Get money back from your technology


Your excess IT equipment still has value. With help help from Johonnot, you can recover that value and reinvest it back into your IT budget, giving your company a competitive advantage. Find out how much you can recover from your extra IT equipment with our complimentary IT asset valuation.


More about our IT asset recovery services:

Let us streamline the decommissioning and disposition of your IT equipment. We can help your company recover the most value from your excess corporate technology. Our complete solution provides you with hassle-free services guaranteed to recoup the highest value from your surplus IT equipment

Our comprehensive set of services

Our managed IT asset recovery provides you with a complete set of services that address your company’s logistical concerns. We offer a complimentary valuation for your excess IT equipment, and provide you with a formal offer to purchase your IT equipment at the highest value possible. We offer de-installation and transportation services, and will remove all unneeded technology – networking equipment, telecom equipment, and more – including your low or no-valued items. Our IT disposition solution is complete, ethical, and fair.

We’ll take care of you

We understand your company’s responsibilities. When you get rid of your old IT equipment, you want your data to remain safe and secure, your technology to be managed in an environmentally friendly way, and for your company to be protected. We take care of our clients, and we can take care of you. We securely and completely erase all data from your equipment. We guarantee that non-remarketable equipment is ethically and legally recycled by Johonnot recyclers in MA, according to federal, state, and local regulations. Most importantly, we eliminate the threat of corporate liability by providing you with customized reports and certificates to document that your technology has been handled appropriately.

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