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Cloud Hosting Services

Johonnot has taken cloud to the next level. Write, deploy and manage applications in the cloud the same way you do today, relying on the underlying platform to provide the same level of security, reliability and performance you get from your current infrastructure. We provide a customizable and flexible end-to-end cloud solution custom tailored to your needs. No cookie cutter clouds.

Custom Benefits To Fit Your Needs

  • Your Cloud, Your Way: Our experienced local team will meet with you to identify your unique business challenges and customize a cloud solution to help ensure optimum performance, reliability, and security.

  • Your Data, Our Centers: Your data will be safe and secure in our SSAE 40 audited data centers.

  • Built for Reliability:  Multi-layered infrastructure redundancies are standard with our cloud solutions, so you have the peace of mind of knowing we’ve got you covered.

  • Better Network Protection: You could install a single virtual firewall, but are you really protected? We provide the capabilities to fully protect your cloud environment with such options as intrusion detection/prevention, anti-virus protection, data leak prevention, application control and web content filtering.

  • High-Performance Firewalls: We provision each client with two dedicated high-performance firewalls capable of passing 1Gbps of traffic, ensuring reliable secure network performance. Redundancy is built-in.

  • Local Relationship: Our cloud comes with the personal touch of a local team of professionals to respond to your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

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