Johonnot ITAD services in Boston MA can help you discard excess and obsolete IT equipment

the right way to ensure avoiding data leaks and fines due to improper disposal. We offer services

across the entire IT asset disposal process, making the retirement of equipment simple,

straightforward, and clean for the environment.


Retiring IT assets can require as much time and attention as it originally took to purchase them.

Disposition of your assets should be environmentally and legally compliant with industry and

regional standards, and ensure the proper procedures are followed for data erasure and data

destruction. It's a lot to manage!


Johonnot adheres to all global, federal, state and local laws and regulations, so rest assured your

brand name is protected and old equipment won't become a future liability. Our practices are 100% green compliant, where possible.


Take advantage of secure solutions that leave you with peace of mind  


Does your company have a formal, end-of-life asset disposition strategy?

Johonnot ITAD in Boston MA provides flexibility, efficiency and risk mitigation from design to maturity and through an asset's end-of-life. Reduce costs and minimize your risks with a customized program based on your organization's IT environment and your business needs.


Benefits of Johonnot  ITAD solutions:

  • Ease data security concerns

  • Redeploy assets to reduce costs

  • Offset costs by remarketing or recycling

  • Create philanthropic opportunities for donations

  • Improve brand and reputation through corporate sustainability actions


Johonnot ITAD services offers flexible, customized solutions that ensure your IT assets are dispositioned correctly and securely, giving you peace of mind through a trusted partner.


Contact us today to get started!​​


Something to Consider

Are you protecting your data when sending items out for repair or moving them to another facility? Learn about the steps you can take to protect your data​ in any situation.

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