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Cloud Migration Services

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With growing business demand, IT capacity for innovation is decreasing. Infrastructure is all packed up with the applications. To fill the gap between growing business demand and IT capacity to accommodate new services, infrastructure needs to be freed up. Johonnot’s Cloud Migration services help in moving infrastructure , applications and business processes of an organization to cloud, thus freeing the infrastructure.  Cloud migration is necessary to bridge the gap in business demand and IT capacity. Cloud Migration Services identify areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance and availability of critical business functions. Our solutions mitigate risk, maximize performance and invoke robust, repeatable processes leading to future business growth.

Services we offer


Infrastructure Migration

Johonnot provides services for migration of infrastructure to cloud in collaboration with leading cloud providers.

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Data Migration

Johonnot Unified Data Migration Framework is a standardized, repeatable, and reusable platform to enable end to end Data Migrations.

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Platform Migration

Johonnot has hands-on-experience
in developing and migrating applications on several leading platforms.


Application Migration

Johonnot’s Migration of Applications to Cloud is a proven framework for accurate, predictable, and accelerated move to the cloud. The framework is supported with repeatable and predictable performance.

carbonite cloud migration services

Johonnot’s has a multi phase migration process with a well-defined set of artifacts used at each phase. Johonnot works with the best industry tools to automate the migration phases so that enterprise application migration is done right the first time, every time.

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