Know that your data is safe


Johonnot in MA data sanitization process guarantees that your data is completely

and securely destroyed. Our techniques meet or exceed all major national and

international regulatory and technical standards.


Complete Accountability


We issue detailed reports and certificates, documenting how and when your data
was destroyed. This includes:

  • Certificates of Data Destruction

  • Certificates of Hard Drive destruction

  • Certificates of Tape Cartridge Destruction

  • A careful inventory of destroyed assets that documents the manufacturer,
    model, serial number and destruction date


Peace of Mind


Rest easy knowing that your data will stay out of unethical hands. Our data security policies ensure that your data is destroyed, and your company stays protected. We are committed to keeping you and your company safe.


These certificates and reports gives you written documentation that your company’s data has been securely destroyed.


Disk Drive and Tape Cartridge Destruction

Our IT asset disposal services can include the complete physical destruction of your old assets. At your request, we will physically destroy your hard drives and tape cartridges to ensure that they are no longer usable. Upon destruction of these assets, Johonnot data destruction MA provides full reports.


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