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Know that your data is safe

Image by Markus Spiske

Johonnot in MA data sanitization process guarantees that your data is completely and securely destroyed. Our techniques meet or exceed all major national and international regulatory and technical standards.


Complete Accountability

We issue detailed reports and certificates, documenting how and when your data was destroyed.


This includes:

  • Certificates of Data Destruction

  • Certificates of Hard Drive destruction

  • Certificates of Tape Cartridge Destruction

  • A careful inventory of destroyed assets that documents the manufacturer, model, serial number and destruction date.

Secure Data Destruction

There are few things more important to protect in your company than your data.

And that importance doesn’t end when the asset’s life ends. In fact, ensuring your data is destroyed at end of life is critical. We view data security and destruction as “job one” for an asset recovery service or e-recycle provider.

We’ve seen the importance of data security in the news over the past few years as some of the biggest companies have experienced breaches that have compromised personal data. While an individuals’ data breach is significant, in a company, it could close your doors forever.

Use our software data destruction services or our physical destruction services to secure your data containing assets including hard drives, CD/DVD’s, flash drives, tapes. We provide extensive audit trails so you know in detail when your data was destroyed. Our compliance managers will work with your auditors or regulators if necessary to walk them through the entire process with detailed reporting. 

Whether it’s destroying physical media or wiping data from your devices, we do it all at our secure site and you’re welcome to be part of the process to whatever extent you desire.


Onsite Data Destruction

We’ll come to your location to destroy your data under your watch. We offer on-site physical destruction services witnessed by you or we can video tape the entire process for you.

For hard drive assets that you don’t want to leave at your facility, we have the answer!

We have the ability to come to your facility and shred your media and drives on site with our bulk shredder. We maintain necessary HIPPA, SOX, PCI and other compliance throughout our process.

This includes shredding of all media types.  Hard drives and solid-state drives, tape, CD’s and DVD’s, floppy disks, and other storage devices. We can do surgical small volumes or large bulk volumes in your office and/or your data center. The process is done on your site with you watching.

Talk to us today about our hard drive Shredding capabilities or to schedule service

Find out for yourself what we can do for your company.
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