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Maximize Efficiency in Your IT Services

Johonnot’s MSP platform gives businesses the tools they need to expand their service offerings, and keep their current customers

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Whether you’re trying to support more customers with your current staff or you’re just looking for ways to keep more profit, your business can always benefit from more efficiency. The Johonnot MSP platform gives you the power you need to maximize efficiency in your business, with features like:

Automation: From automated checks and tasks to our drag-and-drop editor that lets you create your own scripts without writing a line of code, Johonnot MSP Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) frees up time for you to focus on what matters most—your employees, your business, and your customers.

Network and service management: Set thresholds for the network and services to automatically notify you before small problems become large..

Standardized platform: Rather than switching between programs, our platform gives you what youneed to run an effective business in a single dashboard—outstanding security, network checks,cross-platform support across Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile devices, and more.


One of the primary selling points for our MSP is that it takes a proactive role in solving IT problems. To really compete, MSPs need to have data-driven intelligence to help them make the best choices. 


Our platform provides data-driven analytics that help you easily prevent issues before they occur. Johonnot can root out issues—like unpatched software, incomplete antivirus installations, and users with bad security habits—and give you easy fixes to prevent problems before they occur. That’s exactly the type of service that keeps our clients happy and your business successful.

Proactively Prevent Issues with Intelligence and Machine Learning

Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes—from those with a solo practitioner, with one or two employees, all the way up to businesses managing tens of thousands of endpoints. Whether it’s through improved automation, business growth education and resources, or data-driven insights from our community of MSPs, we're here to help you run your business more effectively—no matter the scale.

MSPs Built For All Sizes

Support All Users across Windows, Mac, and Linux

Most IT service management suites focus on Windows with just a nod to Mac, let alone Linux. That often means having to deploy separate systems to support different platforms, leading to extra costs and operational inefficiency—both killers of MSP profitability.

Johonnot MSP is developed and will continue to develop features for Windows, Mac, and Linux. That way we can confidently support any business who comes to us.  Whether you are running Windows, Mac, Linux, or mixed-platform shop.

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