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Data Center & Office Decommission and Relocation

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Sensitive electronic equipment requires careful handling, flexibility and often a tight delivery schedule. Data centers and server rooms need a tailored solution to fit their business needs and reduce the potential disruptions to their critical business operations. Offices and businesses requiring more than routine data center relocation can benefit from the customized solutions and services offered by Johonnot Technologies in Boston MA. We approach every data center moving job as unique and provide the highest quality service that speaks for itself.


Offering niche services to clients with specific requirements begins with a plan. Other value-added services, such as de-installation, merge-in-transit, assembly, installation and configuration, can also be useful. You will find our commercial relocation services to be extremely efficient and very well-organized. We take data center moving to new heights, with careful attention to each and every detail. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with Johonnot MA, as we are industry leaders with years of experience moving even the most sensitive items.

Let Johonnot do the heavy lifting during your relocation or decomission

As your organization matures, it will likely face growing pains. Your organization might need to move into a larger building as well as decommission the current location. All while securely dealing with your IT infrastructure.  Johonnot has designed services to help make these moves smooth and precise

Regardless of how or why your organization is moving its data and/or information systems, data center relocation and migration can be tricky and costly. To reduce system downtime and prevent any loss of data, trust Johonnot to take care of all your organization’s data center relocation service needs. Get in touch for more information on data center moving solutions.

Ensure that important data is securely stored and always available.

Johonnot has more than ten years of experience assisting organizations of all sizes with physical information systems relocations and virtual moves from one datacenter to another. We can help your organization design its new building to accommodate information systems and meet any regulatory needs, and then we can actually do the relocate and ensure that your organization has minimal systems downtime.

If your organization needs to move its information from one datacenter to another, Johonnot can help you choose the best data center to meet your current and future datacenter solution needs and then implement the data transfer to ensure that data integrity remains uncompromised and available.


Moving your office and all your computers and servers can be daunting task. Just call or email Johonnot and we can take care of the entire move and setup in your new location. We can move your datacenters too.

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